Meeting Place for Suppliers of Very Small Units

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Space Tech Expo Europe

– the Meeting Place for Suppliers of Very Small Units


All instruments, satellites included, that have been sent to space consist of a very large number of small units, developed and manufactured by specialized companies worldwide.

Example of different types of small units.

The last week of October, some of these companies, mainly European, participated in the yearly Space Tech Expo Europe, in Bremen. Germany. The main focus of this year’s expo was to bring together most of these companies to market themselves, find new clients, exchange experiences or establish connections. In addition to the technical exhibition, there were two arenas where the participants could be updated on the latest news. The Industry Forum provides, for the most part, general information from

One of the very few Nordic stands at Space Tech Expo Europe.
The Finnish research institute VTT showed the nanosatellite instrument AALTO-1 Spectral Imager. Already flown at the Aalto-1 nanosatellite, launched last summer.

national and international space agencies and industrial companies within the sector. At this forum, the participants were also introduced to new trends within the space sector. At the Technology Forum technological news were introduced. Both forums had activities at all hours of the duration of the exhibition.

Business Networking

One of the two areas for business networking.

One of the projects at the Space Tech Expo Europe his year, was the “Speed Networking for Business”. A large area in the exhibition hall was dedicated to this type of networking.  Over 1,000 meetings scheduled to take place over three days, participants and exhibitors were able to pre-arrange quickfire one-to-one meetings prior to the show. This allowed participants to make the most of their time and make multiple business connections within a short space of time. It is unknown how many used this type of networking, but the areas were very busy every day.


All Pictures: NordicSpace

Russia had several stands at the exhibition. Here the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Technology Forum