About NordicSpace

The website www.nordicspace.net is a space-related website published in the Nordic region.

Through the website, www.nordicspace.net, NordicSpace intends to inform the readers about the space related activities and how the society benefits from these.

NordicSpace has the following editorial objectives:
* Spread general knowledge about space-related activities to the rest of Europe,
* emphasising practical use and activities within the Nordic region
* Share space-related information with other Nordic countries
* Secure the same spread of news and knowledge from Europe back to the Nordic countries

Topics in the journal cover everything from industrial development, earth biology seen from space, meteorology, space research, geodesy, navigation, mapping, to communication in connection with the space facilities in the Nordic area.

We are confident that you will find this website both informative and interesting, in fact a “must”, and we are hopeful that we can welcome you as one of the subscribers of Nordicspace.

We are looking forward to having you as one of our subscribers.