Writing articles for NordicSpace?

NordicSpace will be happy to publish articles from you.

The website offers you a chance to publicise information about your projects or research field and introduce you to similar institutions and industrial companies within the same field of interest. Most of our readers have very interesting positions within education, research and industry. Thus, we will be very happy to receive suggestions for articles you would like to publish, or if you have suggestions for articles others may write.

Send your suggestions to [email protected] and we will be in touch.


Publications of this periodical will mainly be based on material written by experts on a specific field. Although most of the articles may deal with highly technical topics, they must be written with the purpose to include non-scientific audiences as well as readers whose expertise lies outside these specific areas.

The editorial staff will edit these articles and provide necessary headings, subheadings and ingresses.

In addition to the more specialised articles, this website will contain reports, interviews and more general material, something which will produced in our editorial office, however, suggestions as well as corrections, will be proof-read by the writers themselves before final approval and publication.

Appropriate length of the articles is 1000 – 1500 word.


Illustrations, tables, graphs, and diagrams should accompany articles where appropriate, along with suitable captions. The editorial staff will appreciate writers’ suggestions as to headings and brief introductory material.

Illustrative material should preferably be submitted on electronic form in JPEG-format.

Disks and word processing programmes

Articles must be submitted on e-mail in Word format. We request a hard copy of the article sent to the editorial office, also by mail.

The writer must clearly state which programme has been used.

The writer

A 40-50 word thumbnail sketch of the writer will be published along with the article. Thus, writers are asked to give out brief information about their education, previous work, experience etc.

See also the “Requesting articles for publishing in NordicSpace”.