Volvo Aero – important supplier for the launching industry

With the successful launch of Ariane ECA in February this yea, Volvo Aero proved that the parts to the launcher engines that were delivered from the company met the necessary demands of quality the launcher industry expects. From the very beginning of the Ariane launcher era, Volvo Aero has supplied parts to the engines.

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Swedish Space Corporation – Three decades of experiences with space

When Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) was chosen as prime contractor for the SMART-1 satellite in 2000, its long experiences from developing, constructing, launching and managing Swedish national satellites weighed heavily. As far back as in the early 80s, SSC entered the market of developing satellites such as the scientific satellite Viking, and the communication satellite Tele-X.

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Rovsing A/S – The critical docking operation

The docking and de-docking activities are the most critical operations of the ATV mission. The actual docking will be fully automatic and the 20 tonne spacecraft could severely damage the ISS if control were lost during these manoeuvres.

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