Space Research

Eiscat Svalbard – Contributes to the understanding of the sun’s effect

After decades of research much of the interaction between the earth and the sun, the sun’s effect on our surroundings and the mechanisms that control the effects are not so well known. But, in spite of the possibilities the satellite techniques provide, ground based instruments are still the most cost effective way to gain new knowledge, with satellites and rockets as important supplements.

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The Automated Transfer Vehicle Jules Verne The first Supply Ferry to Space

When the International Space Station (ISS) is complete, and fully manned, the station will need a regular supply of propellant, food and other supplies for general maintenance activities onboard. The most cost effective way to achieve this is to use unmanned ferries for one time use. Europe’s main contribution to the station is developing and building the required number of such ferries. The Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) is today in the closing stages of development/

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